Government guaranteed lending can be a great tool for

providing customers with the financing they need.

These programs also present challenges many lending institutions may not be staffed to handle.

For Lenders our services include

  • Acting as liaison with the agency underwriters and loan specialists, we expedite the project through the government process, reducing red tape.  

  • Providing assistance in structuring the loan to meet all program  requirements while allowing the lender to meet its internal requirements.

  • Working directly with the business owner or farmer to organize, assemble and prepare a complete loan package for submission to the government agency. We prepare all forms for the borrower and lender.

  • Problem loan servicing, including liquidation plans, completion of loss claims and assistance with actual collateral liquidation.

  • Assisting the lender and business owner throughout the closing process.

  • Collateral inspections.

  • Loan Status Reporting.

  • Annual credit reviews in compliance with program requirements.

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